How to Talk to Your Inner Child: Overcoming Fear

How do I overcome fear? Start, by accessing your inner child.

Is there something holding you back from achieving your dreams? Have you hit a plateau? Is fear or anxiety preventing you from figuring out what you want most out of life?

One of the most effective techniques for finding the source of your fears or for accessing the part of the subconscious mind that knows what you want most out of life, is to talk to your inner child. But, how do you talk to your inner child?

The easiest way to do it is to write a letter or questionnaire, asking little you what it is you want to know. When you do this, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Use your dominant hand to ask the questions/represent your adult, conscious brain

  2. Use your non-dominant hand to answer the questions and represent your inner child, subconscious brain

  3. Keep writing and asking whatever questions come to mind until you have no more questions – your inner child knows all the answers

  4. Ensure that the grown up you takes control of the situation and lets your inner child know that he/she is protected

The reason number 4 is on that list is because oftentimes people allow their screaming, uncontrollable, scaredy-cat inner child to “drive the car” of their lives – it’s not the mature, adult version of them directing their vehicle. Telling your inner child that everything is okay and that you have control of the situation allows an inner release of any anxieties or fears of future outcomes.

Practice this method for finding out what you want out of life, whether that be at work, in love, in health and so on, or for accessing the true source of a seemingly unknown fear.

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