Minna and Pascale’s favourite choices for continued development of the most important person in your life….You!!!

Read more below about each of our recommended aides to your success. For products indicated as Kindle Versions (e-Readers), download the free Kindle app from the Amazon Store in order to access them. For the paperback versions, simply click on the “Store” tab above.

The 5 Love Languages
I found this book in a book case at a friend’s place after getting divorced 8 years ago. The 5 love languages opened my eyes to looking at relationships in a whole new way and I have successfully applied these principles in all my relationships since then. Understanding that we all have different needs and expectations when it comes to expressions of love takes any guess work out of finding more meaningful ways of showing and receiving love in your closest relationships…. Minna

I have also really enjoyed this book and have passed it to many friends and family members. The themes are so simple and yet so powerful. I’ve found it a useful tool in bringing my partner and I closer together as we discover how we can be sure each of our “love tanks” are full and that we are observant of how the other gives and receives love. It’s also proven useful for communicating better with family and even business associates…. Pascale

The Secret of Letting Go
This beautiful and easy to read book is one of my favourites. It simply has transformed my daily life by helping me understand that when I am connected to my ‘true self’ I experience happiness, joy and peace of mind that really is my natural state being. And by letting go off what is holding us back it is possible to return to this natural state of happiness and joy anytime in an instant. Every moment is simply perfect as it is – all we need to do is let go…. Minna


Rich Woman
Kim Kiyosaki is no trophy wife, she’s a strong, independent and heart-warming woman with so much to share about investments and financial growth. I found this book to be such an asset to my own understanding of the modern age of wealth and finance, and also the difference between how women and men operate in terms of their economics. A definite eye opener and a very engaging read…. Pascale


Rich Dad – Poor Dad
When I first came across this book about 10 years ago, I already knew I didn’t want to rely on my superannuation for my retirement lifestyle, nor did I want to wait until retirement to have the freedom to do what I wanted. I just knew there had to be a better way! Rich Dad – Poor Dad not only confirmed my belief that what most of us are taught about “getting an education and good job, and working all your life for someone else, so that you could retire comfortably” was a myth, but also showed how rich and poor people think differently about money and business and that’s what made all the difference between your job owning you and you living the life you want…. Minna

Wisdom Cards
I first came across these wisdom oracle cards at a friend’s house and they helped me gain clarity of thought during a really tumultuous time in my business and personal life. Such a small exercise can set you up for the day in a really positive manner and give small comfort when the mind starts to play tricks on you! Beautifully illustrated and filled with powerful words of wisdom and inspiration, these cards are also a great talking point and activity to share with spouses and friends…. Pascale


The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
I just love T Harv Eker’s style! It’s no nonsense, no beating around the bush, just straight to the point and speaking from the experience of someone who is a self-made multimillionaire and a successful marketer and business person. I had seen ‘Secret’ the movie and read many books and attended training courses, but none of them had brought any real change in the way my life and finances were rolling along… because they were all missing one crucial step in the process: how your mind is designed to keep you where you are and trying to change your external circumstances without changing the way to think first is going to fail! Harv teaches the inner game of money as well as the outer game of money, which makes business a learnable skill and success a predictable outcome… Minna
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Cards
I won a set of these cards in a raffle at T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive 3-day seminar. At that time they served as a confirmation of sorts in what I was doing was the right path for me. Since then, these cards have provided gems of inspiration and have given me something concrete to focus on for the day in terms of bringing about my own financial freedom. A real asset!…. Pascale


Speed Wealth: Best-Seller by T. Harv Eker
I bought the e-Book a couple of years ago but somehow lost it in the ether when my computer crashed. This book was later given to me by a friend and just at the right time too. It’s a very quick, easy to follow guide to creating wealth and abundance in a very short space of time. Eker uses his own experiences in retail to illustrate his powerful message. I highly recommend it because the concepts and wealth principles are effective and easy to apply to your business, no matter what size it is…. Pascale