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We are Minna Salmesvuo and Pascale Battrick and we show people step-by-step how to live a happy, healthy and meaningful life.

People we help might be feeling stressed, overwhelmed or stuck in a rut and doubt they can change things for the better. They might be high achievers in one area of life but not in others. They want to find peace of mind and feel balanced in their life and we can show them how.

Our specialty is empowering people by showing them positive strategies to overcome stressful situations, find clarity and create peace of mind. We hand them the keys to unlock their bright future!

Our step-by-step tools and support are provided in an online community here – simply click on our offer pages to find out more.

Who do you know who is ready to trade stress and overwhelm for clarity and peace of mind?

Who we are…

Lifestyle Transformer is run by two individuals who are passionate about transforming lives!

Minna and Pascale first met at a financial development course in early 2011 and several times thereafter throughout that same year. A friendship was born but what struck them both the most was the unique synergy that was created when they came together with a view to aid one another.

One day at another business development seminar, Minna and Pascale found themselves brainstorming ideas on how to both continue their education and, discovering that they both held the same vision for a world of happier, more balanced people who lived as energetically as they did, voilá! LifestyleTransformer.com was born!

Since that time, Minna and Pascale have travelled around the globe together to grow themselves so that YOU might benefit from their learnings. They have developed a unique, step-by-step, fun and exciting system of accelerated learning techniques and daily tools to find purpose, passion, balance and genuine happiness in life. The most effective of which has been packaged into a most luxurious, relaxing and at the same time stimulating, experiential retreat for VIPs – that means YOU!

Below you can read further about Minna and Pascale. You can also click on this link to submit an expression of interest in attending their next VIP Retreat.

Pascale Battrick

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Hello! My name is Pascale Battrick and I am in the business of progress. I currently live in Christchurch, New Zealand and I own and operate multiple businesses in the personal development and wellness industries both locally and internationally.

I am a Rainmaker, precipitating success for you! I offer life coaching remotely to all corners of the globe and conduct live personal development seminars and workshops throughout New Zealand.

I write and produce books and lifestyle guides, and I educate on good nutrition for the body, spiritual intuition and emotional healing for the heart and spirit, and harnessing mind power in order to create anything your heart desires. I coach and facilitate individuals and groups on how to develop themselves as leaders, create stronger and more effective relationships and take charge of their minds and hearts for achieving physical, material, emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

My early qualifications span politics, languages and health, and my experiences include spending five years as a Chef in Europe and the South Pacific, three years as a moral-education facilitator of children and a Skilled Migrant Visa Officer in the United Kingdom, two years in Japan teaching children and coordinating healthy cooking classes and spiritual development groups, and I am a certified Master Executive Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor from the foremost training facility in the Pacific, Max International College of Fitness.

I am an author and experienced copywriter, and I have spent several years becoming qualified and practiced in coaching people in the sphere of life improvement, leadership and attitude development, creating more loving and communicative relationships, health, wealth and happiness and inner child regression. My true passion and purpose in this life came fully into fruition with Rainmaker and the co-creation of LifestyleTransformer.com.

Despite my formal education, one of my greatest achievements in life came after having lost my family home and all our earthly possessions in the 2010 and 2011 Christchurch earthquakes. During this time I was able to face tragedy, severe adrenal fatigue, health and financial crises and still find beauty, positivity and renewed energy in each new day. I started my fitness business and my coaching business in the aftermath and developed myself to a level where I could teach others to get themselves out of whatever it is that holds them back from achieving their ultimate successes and dreams. This historic tragedy sealed my fate as an accessible, empathetic and yet professional Lifestyle Transformer.

My aim in this life is to elevate my community’s collective level of consciousness about how to live better, more meaningful and more balanced lives, so that all can in turn educate and inspire others and have a more positive impact on the generations that follow. My community is not limited to my city, country, or continent. My community is mankind and my borders extend to the outer edges of this great planet.

I look forward to helping you on your journey to success and prosperity in your life by way of our webinars, online resources and live VIP Retreats. Come join us on a journey of self-discovery and renewed self-worth – you won’t regret it!

To your best, most meaningful life,


Copyright: Minna Salmesvuo 2014Hi, my name is Minna Salmesvuo, I’m a co-founder of lifestyletransformer.com and a business, marketing and mindset coach/trainer and presenter through my social media marketing consultancy Social Media Tribe and skincare education businesses. I’m also an artist painting abstract organic art at minnasalmesvuo.com, a designer at Rocgelic Inspiration and a writer who loves inspiring others to live their authentic purpose in life and follow their dreams to find true happiness and meaning in life.

I have a background in business and IT as a Business Analyst, and 15 years in implementing web-based business, marketing and social media solutions for clients in various industries including printing, software development, manufacturing, higher education, professional services and retail. Through working with my clients I have come to realise how important living your true values and taking action through maintaining the right mindset, goal setting and ongoing support of other like-minded achievers are in succeeding in business and in life in general.

My journey as a Lifestyle Transformer began when I was recovering from an operation I had just had. I realised that this operation could have been avoided entirely had I listened to my heart and body over years leading up to it. I realised I had got stuck in the rut of the modern day rat race without asking myself whether this really was the life I wanted to live. Instead I had ignored the subtle messages from my heart, body and the universe until they got loud enough and I could no longer ignore them: my life wasn’t working for me or my family!

What followed that insight has been a series of gradual brave steps that have taken my life towards ever increasing levels of happiness and meaningful living as I have grown to listen to my heart and body when making decisions about my next step in life. Along the way I have made my vision for my ideal life a reality and my life is finally working for me and my family!

Now my aim is to inspire others, like you, to live and breathe your true purpose in life, because I believe that is the key to finding happiness, meaning and success in life. I’m really excited about helping you achieve your life goals and at the same time, humbled to be part of your journey to success.

To your happiest, most meaningful life,

Minna 🙂

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